PhotoPRINT FAMILY 10 offers the industry-leading Print & Cut workflow, now made even better! Progressing along with the large format industry, PhotoPRINT is designed to help your productivity ascend to new heights while maintaining SAi’s signature ease-of-use interface.

PhotoPRINT’s “open architecture” makes it easy to send jobs in a wide variety of file formats to virtually any make or model of large format printer or hybrid device. With more than 1000 built-in ICC profiles, PhotoPRINT helps you process print jobs in record time.

The PhotoPRINT FAMILY offers a full line of products for professional digital printing. Whether you’re looking for a simple package with one printer setup, impressive design software with printing capabilities, or something in between, PhotoPRINT has a software solution for you!

ink estimate

Ink Estimation: Eliminate the guesswork of job costing, with the exciting new Ink Estimation tool in PhotoPRINT 10. Estimate how much ink each print job will use to help calculate the true cost of every print job. Even the most seasoned print shops will find this feature to be an incredibly useful tool. Gain a better understanding of your production and make more informed decisions about upcoming expenses, incoming jobs and daily workflow with the Ink Estimation tool. This feature is standard in all levels except PhotoPRINT SE.


Smooth Shadow: This new advanced shadow feature is one of the most requested features by PhotoPRINT Editor users. Smooth Shadow allows you to apply transparency effects to shadows for smoother and softer edges, taking your design work to a whole new level. This feature is standard in PhotoPRINT Server-PRO and PhotoPRINT DX.


Contour Cut Nesting in Production Manager: Now you can nest third-party Contour Cut jobs right in PhotoPRINT! Add
your files directly to PhotoPRINT, edit each file as needed, and then nest them all together! This enhanced workflow will save media and boost your productivity. This feature is standard in PhotoPRINT Server-PRO and PhotoPRINT SERVER, optional PhotoPRINT DX.


Add Jobs with Multiple Contour Cut Paths to PhotoPRINT: Take advantage of PhotoPRINT’s Multiple Contour Paths feature, even while designing in third-party applications! You can create multiple contour cut paths in any design program, but you can add final customisation to those paths right in PhotoPRINT! We’ve eliminated the extra steps to make Contour Cutting even easier. This feature is standard in all levels of PhotoPRINT except PhotoPRINT SE.


Advanced PDF Support: This feature is sure to save sign shop owners hours of headache! New in PhotoPRINT Editor 10, a link option has been added to the import dialog for Adobe® PDF files. Linking the PDF file will ensure that the proper colours are used from the original file. Text and objects can be added and the Make Transparent Tool and Contour Cut effect can be applied. PhotoPRINT Editor will apply these actions while keeping the original colours, blends and transparencies intact. This feature is standard in PhotoPRINT Server-PRO and PhotoPRINT DX.

PhotoPRINT Product Levels


The complete client-server RIP solution package includes extended capabilities and cost-saving features. Additional features include an EDITOR station for layout and design and Color Profiler for output profile creation and editing.


The client-server RIP solution for networks and large production environments, featuring productivity tools such as Job Priority, Page Nesting and Job Nesting. These tools will make workflow to multiple printers generate accurate and consistent results in any volume.


An unparalleled layout package with design capabilities for text, shapes and effects, combined with the versatility to RIP and print to two devices simultaneously. The design and output of Print & Cut decals is straightforward and accurate with this integrated solution


A RIP solution with the fundamentals for the single-workstation environment. Send jobs to RIP and print directly from popular design applications such as Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator®, QuarkXPress®, CorelDRAW®, and CAD/AEC/GIS engineering solutions.

Hardware Requirements

To keep your software working at its peak performance, we recommend the following settings:

Operating System Windows 7, Vista
Install Space 700 MB for base program plus extra install space for ICC Profiles
Working Disk Space 4 GB
Other DVD Drive
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