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SAi’s next generation of print and sign making software is here! SAi Flexi Cloud opens the door to a world of business apps, production insights on your computer or smart phone, and quick links to support and social media pages where you can find tutorials and other helpful videos. SAi Flexi installs on your computer, and now brings added value through the Cloud.

Three out of four sign businesses worldwide use SAi Flexi for sign making, and over 92% of SAi Flexi  users say they would recommend it to a friend. Nearly everyone agrees: SAi Flexi is the leading software for sign making!

Excelling as a one-stop software solution, SAi Flexi delivers world-class business, design and production tools to help you stay competitive in challenging business conditions.

  • Design tools tailored for quick print and sign making
  • Fast to learn interface
  • High production RIP, print, contour cutting and vinyl cutting tools
  • 1000s of supported cutters, printers and hybrids
  • Easiest print-&-cut workflow in the market

Cloud Window: SAi Flexi installs locally on your computer, but now has a convenient window full of web-based tools, convenient links and more. Use the descriptions below as your guide. Hide or show the Cloud Window by toggling this button in the main toolbar

Files: Click to see at-a-glance information about the files you have stored in your account on the SAi Cloud. Each account gets 1GB free. Archive files to the Cloud using the “Archive to Cloud” button in the main toolbar.

FlexiQuote: FlexiQuote is an online pricing system for new sign jobs that contains pre-loaded materials and pricing that you can customize to meet your shop’s particular needs. Generate a quote in seconds for call-in or walk-in customers.

Printer Profiles: ICC profiles provide a cross-platform standard for measuring the colour output of printers. Within each ICC Profile, the colour output capabilities of a specific printer on a specific medium using a specific colour mode are measured using a device-independent colour space. SAi provides these profiles free of charge as a download.

Summary Reports: View summary production information including the number of jobs produced and the total area for each. These reports also give you total visibility in your weekly and monthly production trends.

Support: Quickly access the SAi software Support pages where you can watch video tutorials and troubleshoot support issues, submit an e-support request form, view user forums, read documentation and visit social media pages.

Mobile App: The SAi Cloud mobile app gives you on-the-go access to the recent job list, production information and job trends using your iPhone and Android mobile devices. Click to visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app!

Product Levels

Committed to growing with your business, the SAi Flexi Family offers a full line of products that fit a variety of business needs and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple package for text layout and vinyl cutting, the total solution with a full design suite and high production features for vinyl cutting and printing, or something in between, SAi has the software solution for you! Read more about each of SAi Flexi’s product levels below.


The SAi flagship product offers the total solution for any Sign Making business. With ICC profile support and built-in direct drivers, FlexiSIGN-PRO offers a complete set of designing, cutting, RIPing and printing tools for maximum productivity.


The package for the professional sign maker who requires advanced vinyl cutting and bitmap editing tools, without color-printing output.  FlexiEXPERT includes full design, text  serialization and color tracing features, as well as job estimating for accurate project management and design templates for faster production.


The mid-level Sign Making package provides exceptional tools to produce high-quality signage without a large initial investment. In addition to design, vinyl cutting, scanning and tracing capabilities, FlexiSIGN also includes Job Statistics and Text Styles for enhanced performance.


A program you can use as a second, design-only station.  Get all the design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN-PRO, as well as file preparation for output on another Flexi Family station, without the full price investment. Offers the total solution for any sign making business.


The entry-level layout and cutting package, features file import / export, full text manipulation and direct drivers for the industry’s most popular vinyl cutters.

Hardware Requirements

To keep your software working at its peak performance, we recommend the following settings:

Operating System Windows 7, Vista
Install Space 700 MB for base program plus extra install space for ICC Profiles
Working Disk Space 4 GB
Other DVD Drive


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