Marabu DI-V rašalai

MaraJet DI-V: The High-Grade Super Wide Solution

Perfect Ink Profile for Large-Format Applications

  •  High-quality pigmentation – Excellent light fastness (especially Yellow), best suited for long-term outdoor applications
  • Ideally adapted colour shades, no new profiling necessary – Fast and simple change-over
  • Very fast drying times – High production speed saves time and cost
  • High colour density and very wide colour gamut – Brilliant reproductions, optimum print and picture quality
  • Very good scratch and chemical resistance – For extreme indoor and outdoor stress

Highest print quality for Super Wide applications: Marajet DI-V excels through brilliant colour shades with wide colour gamut, high colour density, excellent fade resistance as well as exceedingly fast drying times.

Furthermore it offers best conditions for smooth changeovers: Due to the well adapted colour shades, no new profiling is necessary.

Galimos spalvos

MaraJet DI-V 429 Yellow
MaraJet DI-V 425 Light Yellow MaraJet DI-V 439 Magenta
MaraJet DI-V 435 Light Magenta
MaraJet DI-V 459 Cyan
MaraJet DI-V 455 Light Cyan
MaraJet DI-V 489 Black
MaraJet DI-V 485 Light Black

Marabu DI-V rašalai fasuojami 5l buteliais.
Tinkamas plovimo skystis Marabu DI-V rašalams: MaraJet DI-UR. Fasuojamas 1l arba 5l buteliais.



Marajet DI-V complements the Marabu range for the Super Wide Segment and has proven excellent results on Vutek® UltraVu® printers.

The DI-V substrate range includes different types of PVC self-adhesive foils (monomer, polymer, and cast foils) as well as PVC coated substrates like banner and tarpaulin materials, textiles, and suitable papers. Thanks to the high colour density even on certain uncoated textiles and flag materials brilliant prints can be achieved.

Owing to the high-quality pigmentation, a 2year light fastness is achieved on corresponding high-grade foils. It can further be increased up to 3 years through an additional varnish overprint.


Quality characteristics 

Marajet DI-V gives excellent batch-to-batch quality within market-leading tolerances and shows very good stability against sedimentation which guarantees a shelf life of 24 months


Daugiau informacijos


Solvent-based InkJet Printing Ink for PVC self-adhesive foils and PVC tarpaulin materials Good adhesion, fast drying and high resistance against UV-light, suitable for a long-term outdoor application


Field of application


Different qualities of PVC self-adhesive foils (monomeric, polymeric and cast PVC films), textiles, tarpaulins, and other PVC coated materials and suitable papers. Very good results have been achieved with PVC self-adhesive foils with a PE Paperback.


Field of use 

The Marajet DI-V Printing Ink, a specific Marabu product, has been especially developed for Vutek® UltraVu®  5300 and 3300 Digital Printing Machine. The Marajet DI-V has shown excellent application characteristics and good printing properties under continued use



  •  Excellent light fastness, Yellow outstands OEM ink by far
  • No new profiling necessary
  • Fast drying properties with a low tendency to block
  • Brilliant colour shades with a very good colorimetric space



Fade resistance

Pigments of high fade resistance have been used when formulating the Marajet DI-V Printing Ink in order to ensure a long-term outdoor application.

Light fastness guarantees are made for CentralEuropean climate. Specific light fastness guarantees for specialty applications in combination with the Marajet DI-V Inks can be given on request.
On foils of appropriate quality, a fade resistance of 2 years can be guaranteed. For fleet marking applications, such as advertisements on means of transport, an additional laminating or varnishing for a mechanical protection is to be carried out. By doing this, the light fastness can be increased to 3 years.



The original drying parameters of the machine can be maintained.



MaraJet DI-V 429 Yellow
MaraJet DI-V 425 Light Yellow
MaraJet DI-V 439 Magenta
MaraJet DI-V 435 Light Magenta
MaraJet DI-V 459 Cyan
MaraJet DI-V 455 Light Cyan
MaraJet DI-V 489 Black
MaraJet DI-V 485 Light Black



MaraJet DI-UR Cleaner

We recommend the Marajet DI-UR Cleaner to clean the print heads, resp. to remove further ink residues from single machine components.  This cleaner has been chemically adjusted to the Printing Ink and dissolves it optimally.


Shelf life

The ink’s shelf life in original cans is approx. 24months. The properly closed cans are to be stored at approx. 15-30°C. Marajet DI-V is frost proof. Before use, the Marajet DI-V is best stored under room temperature conditions.



Before changing to the Marajet DI-V Ink Jet Printing Ink, it is to clean thoroughly all machine components which have previously been in contact with an ink by using the Marajet DI-UR Cleaner. This is especially meant for the print heads, the intermediate tanks, and the tubes as well. It is further re-commended to eventually replace the filters of the printing machine. Please avoid mixing the Marajet DI-V with other colours. For further details please refer to the Marabu Ink-Change-over manual.



For the Marajet DI-V Printing Ink and the MaraJet DI-UR Cleaner, there are current Material Safety Data Sheets available according to EC-regulation 1907/2006 informing in detail about all relevant safety data, including labelling according to the present EEC regulations as to health and safety labelling requirements. Such health and safety data may also be derived from the respective label.



In order to ensure a smooth production workflow, please follow the guidelines issued by the manufacturer and Marabu.
Our technical advice whether spoken, written, or through test trials, corresponds to our current knowledge to inform about our products and their use. This is not meant as an assurance for certain properties of the products nor their suitability for each application.
You are therefore obliged to conduct your own tests with our supplied products to confirm their suitability for the desired process or purpose. The selection and testing of the ink for specific application is exclusively your responsibility.
Should, however, any liability claims arise, they shall be limited to the value of the goods, delivered by us, and utilised by you with respect to any and all damages not caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

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