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Spectro LFP is the most versatile transmission / reflection spectrophotometer ever. It is specially designed for automatic measurement of most different materials in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.

Application fields

  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for most different materials (both reflective and transparent)
  • Linearization of digital output devices
  • Single measurements of spot-colors with sub-sequent check of the color-true printing
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers


Main features

  • For transparent and reflective media
  • Measurement aperture switchable between diameter 2 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm (area 3,14 mm²; 28,26 mm² and 50,24 mm²)
  • Also for heavy and thick materials (max. media thickness 20 mm)
  • Supported by most RIP-software
  • Some examples of materials which can be measured fully automatically: textiles, glass, backlit film, paper, vinyl, silk, fabrics, fine art paper, plexiglas, adhesives, banner, canvas, polyester, PVC, wrap film, cardboard, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone, ceramic plates.
  • ISO 13655-2009 measurement conditions: M0, M2 (UVCut) and M3 (Polarization)
  • Available in 2 versions:
    • Spectro LFP RT
    • Spectro LFP Tex
  • Geometry:
    • reflection 45°/0°
    • transmission d/0°
  • Including free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC


DOC (Digital Output Control)

Easy Process Control for Digital Large Format Printing. Barbieri DOC compares the actual print with a preset reference and gives immediate feedback if color values are within tolerance; without computer, directly on the large format printer. Get more information about DOC (Digital Output Control)


System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (32 and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)


Comparison RT / TEX

Spectro LFP Tex

Spectro LFP RT

 Reflective measurements  X  X
 Transmissive measurements  X
 2 mm measurement aperture  X
 6 mm measurement aperture  X
 8 mm measurement aperture  X  X
 Automatic measurements  X  X
 Up to 2 mm thick media  X  X
 Up to 20 mm thick media  X

Carrying Case

Carrying Case for Spectro LFP RT

  • For easy and safe transport of Spectro LFP.
  • Trolley with wheels and telescopic handle
  • Contains also a storage shelf for cables, target holder, CD and similar.
  • Ideal for everyone who has to travel with this measuring equipment.

LFP priedai - krepsys1

LFP priedai - krepsys2


Electrostatic sample holder

Electrostatic sample holder for Spectro LFP Series 3

  • For reflective, thin materials
  • Especially suited for textiles
  • Not delivered with Spectro LFP

LFP priedai - Electrostatic sample holder


Set of 2 sample holders for heavy media

Set of 2 sample holders for Spectro LFP (all series)

  • 1 holder for extra heavy and thick reflective materials (C200A50)
  • 1 holder for transparent, thick materials (C200A53)
  • Not delivered with Spectro LFP

LFP priedai - Set of 2 sample holders for heavy media


Set of 3 transmission / textile sample holders

Set of 3 transmission / textile sample holders for Spectro LFP (all series) for transparent, thin materials and textiles (C200A54) – consumable

LFP priedai - Set of 3 transmission - textile sample holders


Reflection sample holder

Reflection sample holder for Spectro LFP (all series) for reflective, light materials (already delivered with Spectro LFP)

LFP priedai - Reflection sample holder


UV ir poliarizacinis filtrai

  • UV filtras
  • Poliarizacinis filtras

LFP priedai - UV filtras

LFP priedai - Poliarizacijos filtras






Electrostatic Reflection Sample Holder for Spectro LFP S3

BARBIERI Spectro LFP: Measuring-Glass

BARBIERI electronic Spectro LFP Measuring a Reflective Chart

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