Vilniuje vyko Printzone 2017 renginys

Balandžio 13d. Litexpo parodų rūmuose įvyko specializuotas Heliopolis UAB ir Libra Vitalis UAB renginys Printzone2017. Šių metų renginio šūkis – „Rytdienos spaudos ir spausdinimo technologijos ir naujovės, jungiančios gaminį, jo rinkodarą ir skirtingas pramonės šakas“ apjungė 378 dalyvius.

Dviejuose konferencijos salėse spaudos technologijų specialistai skaitė paskaitas , dalinosi patirtimi . Renginį taip pat aplankė gausus būsimų architektų, dizainerių, projektuotojų ir menininkų būrys iš Vilniaus dailės akademijos, Kaunos taikomosios dailies mokyklos, Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegijų. Studentai aktyviai dalyvavo paskaitose ir įrangos demonstracijose.

Heliopolis UAB pristatė naujiena- tekstilinės spaudos Mimaki spausdintuvą TX300-1800. Skaitmeninės spaudos 1,8 m pločio spausdintuvas geba spausdinti tiesiogiai su 4 rūšių rašalais, tokiu būdu gamybininkas gali pasirinkti spaudai natūralius arba sintetinius audinius.

Dalinames akimirkomis iš Printzone2017:


May 02, 2017 Skaityti daugiau

Karštos naujienos iš parodos DRUPA 2016

Karštos naujienos iš parodos DRUPA 2016

Diuseldorfas,  2016 birželio 2 d.



Mus pasiekė dar  karštesnės nei šios dienos kaitra Lietuvoje naujienos iš Diuseldorfo, kur vyksta pasaulinė paroda DRUPA.Su malonumu  pranešame, kad mūsų partneris  Mimaki buvo nominuotas ir apdovanotas  Europos skaitmeninės spaudos  asociacijos (EDP) net trijuose įvertinimuose.

Parodos konkurse  Mimaki laimėjo tris  EDP apdovanojimus:

•             UJV55-320: geriausias plačiaformatis ritininis spausdintuvas  iki 320 cm pločio.


•             UJF-7151plus: geriausias spausdintuvas spaudai ant tūrinių objektų.


•             Tx300P-1800: geriausias tekstilinis ritininis spausdintuvas iki 100 m2/h.


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June 03, 2016 Skaityti daugiau

Mimaki pasauliniai apdovanojimai 2014-2016

Mimaki Europe BV

December 28, 2015 Skaityti daugiau

Mimaki rašalų naujienos 2015-2016

A wide range of new Mimaki textile inks

Mimaki offers five ink types -sublimation, dispersant, pigment, reactive, and acid- to meet various application needs.*1

Ink type Product name Color Features Applicable fabric
Sublimation dye ink Sb420 Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm Sublimation ink for direct printing. No transfer paper is required. Polyester
Disperse dye ink*2 Dd400 C, M, Y, K, R, Gray, Violet, Pink Inks are fixed by heating and have high durability. Polyester, nylon, acetate, and other fibers
Textile pigment ink*2 TP400 C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Lk, Green Simple post-printing process. No steaming, washing and drying processes are required. Inks are fixed by only heating. Cotton, hemp, and other fibers
Reactive dye ink*2 RC400 C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk Inks produce vibrant colors, reproduce a wide gamut of colors, and have water resistance, light-fastness, and rub-fastness because of dyestuff molecule bonding with the fibers. Cotton, hemp, silk, rayon, and other fibers
Acid dye ink*2 AC400 C, M, Y, K, Bl, R, Or, Lk Inks produce vivid and brilliant colors on animal fibers and synthetic protein fibers such as nylon. Wool, leather, silk, nylon, and other fabrics

*1 Please select an ink type depending on your intended use. The ink type cannot be changed after installation.
*2 Inks are available in the future.

Ink type Product name Color Features Applicable fabric
Sublimation dye ink Sb410 Bl, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm, Fluo Y, Fluo Red Sublimation ink for paper transfer. Polyester

Mimaki’s New Neon fluorescent inks, available in yellow and pink, are ideal for fashion, sportswear, swimwear and shoes and are specially made for use in the low-volume high-quality sublimation paper transfer market.

Every team, whether cycling, running, badminton or football, needs to have its own shirt, with a name, number and the sponsor’s logo clearly visible. Producing these relatively small, customized lots cost-effectively requires sublimation technologies, and printing the entire garment rather than applying graphics information afterwards is more profitable. With traditional print, the desired neon colours are hard to achieve and small lot production is often not cost-effective.

The TS300-1800P was launched at Fespa, specifically designed for digital low-cost production of high-value applications. The combination with the new inks opens up a new range of possibilities for textile printers, designers and garment manufacturers: “Fluorescent colours are in high demand in the fashion and sportswear markets,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “With these New Neon inks, designers and garment manufacturers will be able to extend the utility of digital printing solutions to the production of high quality running clothes and other applications that are personalized or have unique designs and stand out for safety or fashion purposes. These inks will finally and for the very first time allow producing these high quality specialty products on a larger scale. As more textile manufacturers learn about these new inks and the quality and capability of digital printing for textiles,” he adds, “we expect to see demand take off.”


Mimaki inks attain coveted GREENGUARD GOLD Accreditation

Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, proudly announces it has received the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for market leading inks, such as SS21, LX101, LH-100, LUS-150 and LUS-200.

The GREENGUARD GOLD Certification offers stricter certification criteria and considers safety factors to ensure that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. GREENGUARD Certification is part of UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories). As an ISO-IEC Guide 65:1996 accredited, third-party certifying body, the Greenguard Environmental Institute issues the GREENGUARD Certification to help manufacturers create – and help buyers identify – interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in environments in which the products are used, including schools and healthcare facilities.

The certification standards feature emissions criteria that are required to be met for GREENGUARD Certification. There are also additional verification requirements to be completed before certification can be awarded. After initial certification, there is on-going testing, documentation, and verification processes required for demonstration of consistent product performance.

“In order to comply with the GREENGUARD requirements, a company needs to invest in extensive R&D efforts and ongoing commitment to develop the most technologically advanced yet safest inks,” comments Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “The reach of Mimaki products is growing at a phenomenal rate. This certification offers us, our customers and the general public peace of mind and extra assurances that our print solutions can be applied for a wide range of end uses including those in schools and in a healthcare environment.”


December 28, 2015 Skaityti daugiau

MIMAKI naujienos 2015-2016





The Mimaki visualisation of things kicks off in 2016

European January 2016 trade show schedule focuses on textiles, promotional items and signs & display graphics   Amsterdam, December 18, 2015 Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines, has a full show schedule planned for January…

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Mimaki’s Sublime Textile Print Vision Secures Viscom Best of Award

Amsterdam, November 10, 2015 Mimaki today announced its TS300P-1800 inkjet printer is this year’s winner of the Viscom Best of Awards for Textile Refinement. Designed for low-cost production of high-value digital textile applications the TS300P-1800 1,8m wide roll-to-roll sublimation inkjet…

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Mimaki TS300P-1800


Mimaki Goes for the Glow at ITMA 2015 in Milan

New Neon yellow and pink fluorescent inks ideal for low-volume high-quality use in fashion, sportswear, swimwear and shoes   Amsterdam, November 4, 2015   Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel…

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Mimaki extends its Digital Textile Printing Solutions wardrobe for ITMA 2015

New printers, new inks and new applications to cover all markets Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 04, 2015 Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, today reported that…

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Mimaki Tx300P-1800


Presto textile printing – Mimaki Unveils New Direct Textile Inkjet Printer at ITMA

Ideal for fast, high quality sample or small-lot production Amsterdam, October 20, 2015 Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, today announced that it will be introducing a brand-new direct-to-textile inkjet printer at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy, scheduled…

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Mimaki Flexes its Industrial Print Muscles At InPrint 2015

Market demand drives creative, productive and highly profitable portfolio developments Amsterdam, September 30, 2015 Profitable industrial print production demands creative, flexible and cost-effective digital solutions. Mimaki will therefore be displaying a versatile portfolio of printing solutions at InPrint 2015, Munich Trade…

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ViscomIT_Booth Bompan


Mimaki’s Visionary Versatility Showcased at Viscom Italia 2015

Italian distributor Bompan will present the manufacturer’s graphic arts, industrial and textile solutions Amsterdam, September 17, 2015 At Viscom Italia 2015, Mimaki’s Italian distributor Bompan, will be demonstrating visionary and versatile ways to be more creative and to cost effectively…

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December 28, 2015 Skaityti daugiau


Ekonomiškas ir pilnas 1,8m sprendimas tiesioginei sublimacinei spaudai (poliesteris) ir tekstilės pramonei tiesioginei spaudai pigmentiniais rašalais (natūralūs audiniai)


MTEX Blue video Youtube


October 05, 2015 Skaityti daugiau

MIMAKI stebina visus FESPA 2015 parodoje



Naujas Mimaki TS300P -1800 rašalinis spausdintuvas įneš naujų vėjų į tekstilės rinką.

Fespa 2015 parodoje Mimaki pristatė naują rašalinį spausdintuvą TS300P-1800. Šis 1,8 m pločio spausdintuvas, naudojantis sublimacinį popierių, pasiūlys naujas kokybės ir našumo galimybes skaitmeniniame tekstilės marginime. Prekyboje TS300P -1800 pasirodys 2015 metų liepos mėn.

„Klestint tekstilės rinkai, Mimaki skyrė dar daugiau dėmesio inovatyvių sprendimų paieškai skaitmeninės tekstilės marginimo srityje“, sako Mike HORSTEN, generalinis direktorius rinkodarai EMEA Mimaki Europe, „ir to pasekoje, pristatome visiškai naują TS300P-1800 spausdintuvą”.

„Lankytojai mūsų stende galės pamatyti realius spaudos ant tekstilės pavyzdžius. Mes labai džiaugiamės greičiu, kokybe ir našumu, kurį gali pasiekti TS300P -1800 ir tikimės, kad jį šiltai priims įvairūs mados ir kitų tekstilių vartotojai.“ (more…)

May 25, 2015 Skaityti daugiau

Heliopolis UAB oficialus BROTHER atstovas Baltijos šalyse


Spalis – permainų metas, ne tik gamtoje vyksta virsmas, žalią spalvą keičia  geltona, raudona ir oranžinė. Šis gražus, saulėtas ruduo neša  gerą naujieną mūsų klientams. Su džiaugsmu norime pranešti, kad UAB “HELIOPOLIS” tapo oficialiu BROTHER  pramoninių spausdintuvų atstovu Lietuvoje, Latvijoje ir Estijoje. (more…)

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